Want To Save Money By Ordering Medications Online?

There Are Few Things You Must Know Before You Buy!

You have heard and seen many online pharmacies promising a list of medications which do not need prescriptions when buying. All kind of discounts, best prices and fast delivery invites you to order from those pharmacies.

That’s made me trust in all this. I am suffering from arthritis which has lead to insomnia due to the pain. I ordered medicines to ease my condition and up until now I had problems and was impressed with the service of some online pharmacies. However i placed my orders and have still not received them! Not only that but i did not get a confirmation email, and they have not even had the courtesy to reply to my emails i sent asking where they are and when they were sent! Also the phone number at the top which you can find of the web page is to some public relations companies, which have never heard of online pharmacy!

I may now have to contact my credit card company and get them to recover the payments as the pharmacies are ignoring me. They’re really not as great as they seemed at first and I’m very annoyed!

Ordering from one of these online pharmacies I found a discrepancy in my order and sent several messages to customer support requesting to explain them to me, but to no avail.

They ignored my messages and appear they have chosen not to correspond about the matter. Sometimes at the beginning you received good service from the for a while but then their customer service is poor and it looks as if I have been ripped-off. I am highly disappointed in their customer support.

I guess I was fooled for a while into thinking they were an honest organization but judging by my orders, they don’t care about their customers.

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