Review – Low-Cost Pharmacy with Fraud Reviews is a virtual pharmacy that offers high-quality generic and branded medications. All the drugs offered by the pharmacy are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The pharmacy acquired its certification from the Canadian International Pharmacy (CIPA) and is a proud member of the Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA). A wide selection of drug categories is available at VIPRX. This includes drugs for erectile dysfunction, anti-allergies, antifungal, antiviral, antibiotics, drugs for arthritis and asthma, birth control pills, blood pressure and cholesterol lowering agents, antidepressants, diabetes treatment, herbal supplements, pain relief, muscle relaxation, skin care products, sleeping aids, weight loss supplements, and hair loss products among others. The prices of their generic drugs are surprisingly very cheap and affordable. Sildenafil Citrate, the same active ingredient found on the innovator brand Viagra, only costs $0.69 USD per pill. It is a popular drug commonly prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction aged 18 years old above.  A valid prescription is not needed upon ordering. However, it is strongly suggested to consult a licensed medical practitioner before starting a medication regimen. This will eliminate the possibility of unwanted side effects and other contraindications that could arise.

The drugstore currently accepts payments through credit cards including VISA and MasterCard. There are two shipping methods available for the pharmacy. Standard Airmail usually arrives within 2-3 weeks and costs $9.95 USD while EMS Courier Delivery takes 3-8 business days and charges $19.95 USD. Orders are processed within 24 hours and delivered in discreet packaging to protect the confidentiality of the customer.

According to international pharmacy regulations, due to the nature of drugs, returning of medications is strictly prohibited. However, if you received a damaged or defective product, the pharmacy will re-ship the order with no additional charges.

If you have any questions or issues, you may contact their customer care specialists by sending an e-mail through their website or you may call their toll-free hotline at +1-718-487-9792. Reviews

Customer feedbacks were extracted from the testimonials’ page of the seller’s website and most comments are favorable for the pharmacy.

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Leeroy from Italy has been a regular customer of VIPRX and has already ordered three times. According to him, he was pretty pleased with his experience because he “didn’t have to wait long” for his order to arrive. The prices were cheap and he was able to “save money”.  The delivery of the package didn’t have to wait long for it to arrive.

Charles from Deutschland said that shopping online through VIPRX gives “much savings” instead of going to a local store. He also liked the “free gifts” that the pharmacy offers.

Jessica from Austria was also happy with the “good prices” she got for her medications.

I assume that David from Germany ordered a drug for erectile dysfunction. He said that the ordered arrived “on time” and the effects of the pills were great.

Michael from Deutschland has also been a regular customer of VIPRX and ordered three times already. He has compared VIPRX with other online pharmacies and found out that this pharmacy offered the “best price and great quality”.

Please note that the customer reviews found on this site were also found on similar websites without any modification. Thus, the authenticity of the comments cannot be 100% guaranteed. Reviews 2017

Recent reviews for were also gathered from the seller’s website. Just the same, all feedbacks are in favor of the online drugstore.

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Dorothy commented that the pharmacy provided “excellent service” and “very efficient”. She had some queries during the transaction and the staff accommodated her very well. She also said that the products are offered at “good prices” and worth your money.

Samuel from France has been a regular customer for several years already and is very pleased with the “very speedy” shipping. The pharmacy was “very honest” according to him. They inform the customer as to the everyday status of their shipping.

Sarah who lives in Spain appreciated the “courteous service” that the pharmacy offers. She was very happy with the quality of the products and the delivery arrived on time.

Pier from Italy was very pleased with the shipment and the efficient customer service of VIPRX. He promised to place an order again soon.

Lastly, Barbara from Sweden was “100% satisfied” because the package came “sooner than expected”. The quality of the products was also very good.

All the positive comments were also found on similar websites without alteration. We cannot fully trust these comments because there is a big possibility that these are fake and fraud.

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Moreover, has given a low trust rating for VIPRX and does not recommend buying or browsing from the website. The site was found to be in Netherlands, yet a possibility that it could also be from the Russian Federation exists. Coupon Codes

Apart from the very low cost of the generic medicines from the pharmacy, there are also special offers at the moment that customers may avail.

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If you reach a minimum order amounting to $200 USD and above, shipping fee shall be waived. Also, for your every order, free pills shall be given as a bonus.


VIPRX is an online drugstore that offers low cost generic and branded medications in the market. All the products offered by the pharmacy are duly approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The pharmacy is also certified by different pharmaceutical organizations in Canada. Prices are very attractive, and they offer one of the cheapest in the industry.

I am giving VIPRX 1 out of 5 stars rating for posting possible fake reviews from their website. Their products are really good and affordable but the integrity of the business plays a big role in their reputation. Positive feedbacks about the pharmacy were seen from their website but also found on similar sites without alteration. Likewise, they have been given a low trust rating by which makes it unsafe to use their website.