Review – Good Online Pharmacy with Expensive Pricing Scheme is an online clinic that is owned and operated by Online Clinic (UK) Limited. It is duly licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency to sell medications online. The pharmacy incorporated with the clinic is also registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. A wide selection of drug categories may be availed from The Online Clinic. This includes drugs for erectile dysfunction, weight loss, hair loss, oral contraception, sexual health, dental infections, influenza, cystitis, emergency contraception, menstrual delay, cholesterol lowering agents, heart burn, and skin care regimen among others. It was not stated from the websites the country where The Online Clinic procures their drugs and if these were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The prices of the generic brands from the pharmacy are not as cheap as the other drugs offered by online pharmacies. Sildenafil Citrate, a well-known drug prescribed to combat erectile dysfunction in male patients, costs $3.49 USD per pill. The price is cheaper compared to the innovator brand Viagra which is being manufactured by Pfizer but a bit high compared to other online drugstores selling generic products. A prescription would not be required from the client because the licensed physicians from The Online Clinic will be the one to forward them to the pharmacy.

Currently, the drugstore accepts all major credit cards as mode of payment which includes Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Delta, Switch, Solo, MasterCard, and American Express. Shipping is within the United Kingdom through Royal Mail Special Delivery. The service is free of charge if you place an order by 4:00 pm Monday to Friday and the package will arrive before 1:00 pm on the following day. However, if you require the package to be delivered for Saturday morning, the store will charge an additional shipping fee of $3.50 USD. The Online Clinic does not ship to Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Due to special considerations and the integrity of medications, The Online Clinic does not accept returns of medications. However, if the customer was dissatisfied with the quality of the product or did not receive the package at all, you are advised to call the customer support team for a possible refund within 20 working days.

You may call 020 71279200 or leave a message on their website for proper assistance. Reviews gathered customer reviews about The Online Clinic and all are generally in favor of the pharmacy.

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An unnamed customer who happens to be a regular buyer from the clinic gave the store a perfect 5 out of 5 stars rating. According to him, the store is “quick, discreet, and reliable”. 

Ade Martins-Omoniyi gave 4 out of 5 stars rating for the “great service and speedy delivery”.

Lastly, Martin gave 5 out of 5 stars for the “quick and very efficient” experience he had with the Online Clinic.

Truly, all the previous customers seem to be happy and contented with the efficiency of services that the pharmacy provided. It was quick, discreet, and the business was very reliable for them. Reviews 2017

More recent customer reviews have been gathered from and just the same, previous buyers are very pleased with the kind of experience they got from The Online Clinic.

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Linda Thompson gave 5 out of 5 stars for an “excellent service”. She said that the store is highly recommended.

Mrs. F also gave 5 out of 5 stars because of the wonderful customer experience she had with the clinic. According to her, The Online Clinic provides “excellent service with quick delivery times”.  She liked how the pharmacy updated her all throughout the process and how the online consultation worked for her.

Lastly, David Carson gave 5 out of 5 stars rating for the “very fast and efficient” services that the pharmacy offers. The customer promised to use their services again in the future.

Happy customers are commenting how reliable this pharmacy is and how efficient and timely the services they provide. It is indeed a good point especially now that there are lots of online pharmacies competing in the market. Coupon Codes

There are no special coupons and discounts offered by The Online Pharmacy at the moment. Although they have been commended to be a trusted and reliable clinic, they should still make an effort to give special deals for the benefit of their clients and to gain more share in the market.

Conclusion is an online clinic established in 2004 in Harley Street London. It works to provide online consultations for clients and at the same time, sell medicines through their online pharmacy. They are fully licensed by health and regulatory authorities to operate both businesses under one umbrella.

I am giving The Online Clinic 3 out of 5 stars rating for two reasons. First, they have a strong online reputation for providing quality medicines and for the efficiency of the services they provide. Many satisfied customers have expressed their gratitude and good customer experience. Moreover, they highly recommend the pharmacy to their colleagues and friends. This goes to show that the online clinic has provided customers with a pleasant, reliable, and safe customer experience.

Second, although the services have been proven to be quick and discreet, the prices of the generic drugs that the pharmacy offers are not competitive with the other cheaper online pharmacies. I believe that in spite of the higher pricing scheme, some customers still stick with this pharmacy because of the quality of services they have been getting.

The pharmacy is really competitive but I guess they should look into bringing down their prices especially if they want customers to stick with them in the long run. However, if they continue to give efficient services, people would still buy from them because as they say, quality over quantity.