The Best Erection Pills That Work

According to surveys and studies, about a fourth of men under forty around the world are dealing with some kind of problem in sexual performance. However, this isn’t because of any lack of skills. Erectile dysfunction is usually caused by some underlying health condition like diabetes or high blood pressure that makes blood flow drag slower than normal. Because of this problem, men all over the world are searching for the best remedies for ED that also come at cheap prices. When you think of effective ED pills, the first few that usually come to mind are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, which are three of the world’s best known ED treatments.

Wherever you live, you have probably heard of these medications, and in the case of many men, you’ve probably tried them, too. While under different companies, there are actually quite a few similarities between these three pills. They all fall under a group of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors, which are known for improving a person’s blood flow throughout their body. This also translates to getting a firmer and longer-lasting erection because of the increased amount of blood that can reach the penis when it is sexually stimulated.

Aside from working in the same way, they also don’t have the ability to completely cure erectile dysfunction. Instead, they treat ED for a number of hours, some for about 5 or 6 hours, while others, like Cialis, can reach 24 hour periods for their effects to take place. While they are in effect, however, they are very effective. These three pills, while placed atop the hierarchy of ED treatments, are quite expensive, and as such, men will have to make a choice between gritting their teeth and going along with the price, or finding some other alternative to these medications.

Erection Pills Over The Counter

There are, however, more than a few over the counter erection pills available on the market. In fact, you can say that there are too many to keep track of. It’s no wonder since men would be thrilled to find a pill that could make their sexual activities even more enjoyable. These pills can be bought without a prescription because they are labeled as nutritional supplements, and are filled with herbal mixes that are supposed to help erections get stronger than ever before.

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For Maximum Strength Erections

Extenze is a well-known brand of male enhancement pills known for being able to make erections gain more girth. It contains plenty of ingredients such as L-Arginine, Tribulus, DHEA, and Yohimbe, which have all been known in their own right to improve sexual performance to some degree and have been used by civilizations for hundreds of years before modern medicine came into play. However, many people have shared the experience of having their anxiety and irritability ramped up after taking the pills.

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Even a Single Pill has been known to Keep you Hard for Hours

Hard-on Helper is another supplement that you may be seeing frequently advertised online and stocked on shelves. Unlike several of its other counterparts, it doesn’t use many of the same ingredients as the other male enhancement pills do, such as Yohimbe and L-Arginine, and instead uses a yet unseen mix of ingredients that include Wild Yam, Chinese Raspberry, and Schisandra Fruit. It is a fast-acting erection enhancer and works well for many men.

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Extends Sexual Power in the Bedroom

Libido-Max pills come in huge sizes, however, they are actually easier to swallow than many hard pills since they come as gel caps. The instructions given tell you to take about 2-4 pills about half an hour or so to having sexual intercourse. But it has been found that the amount of Yohimbe found in this supplement is much higher than most male enhancements are packing, which can cause nausea.

ED Pills Online

There are a large number of men who would rather not take their chances with the untested supplements on the market and stick to the tried and true ED pills in the market. However, how do you avoid the ridiculous prices? After all, these ED pills usually range from $20-30 on the market for just one pill.

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Generics can Drastically Lower Prices for ED Meds

There are ways to find much cheaper ED pills, though. One way is to simply buy the generic versions available on the market. Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil are the generic names of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra respectively, and generics are much cheaper than their branded versions. Another method of saving money is purchasing your pills online. Because of a large number of pharmacies that are competing for customers, it’s no surprise that you will be able to find ED pills going for less than half of their usual prices.

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Generic Viagra Online Price

If you’d want to start browsing through safe and reliable online pharmacies for cheap products, then you can look through our list of recommendations and find the pharmacy that suits your needs.


If you are looking for erection pills that work effectively so you can get better action in the bedroom, then there is an endless list of products waiting for you. Many popular ED pills, such as Viagra and Cialis, have already been studied and tested. Others, like male enhancement pills that may be bought over the counter, can also be effective as well, but carry the risk of unknown side effects. Each person has their own natural responses to certain medications and pills.

While it can be difficult to find which pills work best for you, there are certainly many ways you can figure it out. One of the best ways is to consult your trusted physician and discuss your options. If you want to try ED pills, a doctor’s prescription is an absolute must, and you should also know about the various interactions that these drugs can have with other meds and health conditions you might be facing.