Review – Scam Drug Store with no Authentic Reviews is an e-store that does not provide any information about its location or for how long has it been working on the internet. The store does tell about the categories of drugs that are available for the customers. All of these medicines have been produced by the Indian companies are approved by their respective FDA authority. The medicines available at Safe Med Pills belong to various categories such as Parkinsonism, anti-depressants, cancer, acne, health, antacids, gastro health, skin care, eye care, wellness cures, mental illnesses, smoking cessation, diarrhea, cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular, blood pressure and drugs for HIV. I was also able to find a few medications related to men’s health, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. I checked all the medications in order to have an idea about their prices. I was able to find a generic alternative of Viagra that is sold under the name of Eriacta. 100 mg of this drug costs 1.20 US Dollars per pill, a price that I found to be quite reasonable. In addition to ED pills, different ED packs can be obtained from this store.

There are very limited methods of payments and include Visa and Master Card. However, I found numerous other services on the side panel of Safe Med Pills and these methods included the Western Union, Wire Transfer, etc. There are two different methods by which customers can receive their drugs at their doorstep. Delivery via Express Mail Service (EMS) requires 7 to 14 days. A tracking code is provided to the customers that enables them to track the location of the parcel as soon as the fifth day of dispatching it. The cost of this service is 25 US Dollars. On the other hand, Airmail service requires 14 to 21 days but does not come with an option of tracking. 10 US Dollars are additionally required for this service. When I checked the customer support system, I found a contact number i.e. +16466583163 where the customers could speak with a live agent. An Email address has also been provided on the official website. There was an option of live chat as well that I tried out and got immediate replies from the live agent.

image1 5 Reviews has been able to receive a few reviews from the customers. I decided to analyze these reviews to draw a conclusion.

Michael Been living in London said that the prices at SafeMedPills are “amazingly low”. He said that it is a great pharmacy if the customer does not want to be “ripped off”. Michael also said that he had placed two orders and received the parcel on time.

Roberto Revillon thanked the company and said that he “appreciated” the service offered at this company and said that he was impressed with the “comprehensive support”.

Eric Anderson was “skeptical” about Safe Med Pills when he thought of buying drugs from this store. He called the customer support center and all the information available about it. He found the prices to be “reasonable” so Eric thought of giving it a chance. The client said that he received his parcel within ten days which was “faster” than he expected.

image3 6

Sidney said that the prices available at Safe Med Pills are “amazingly low”. Sidney also said that it is a good place if the customers do not want to be “ripped off”. I noticed that this comment had already been made by another customer with a different name.

The customer reviews are found to be quite good as compared to other pharmacies. I was pretty much convinced that it is a good platform for buying drugs until I noticed that they were limited to the seller’s personal website only. Such reviews cannot be trusted as there is a high possibility of them being fake. Reviews 2017 has also been able to receive a few reviews in the year 2017. One of the customers named Johnny said that he “hesitated” for a long time before actually ordering from this drug via his “credit card”. He apparently took a risk but was able to get what he wanted. He also said that all of his questions were answered by the pharmacy.

Mike from Chicago said that the online chat of SafeMedPills is “helpful”. He got the drugs in the form of a “registered letter” and was surprised to find that his products exactly looked like that in the picture.

image2 5

Stephen Smith said that he ordered some drugs for his granddad and the pharmacy worked a bit slower than usual. The customer said that he understood that this was to “avoid credit card fraud”. He said that Safe Med Pills was an “honest” drug store.

I found these reviews to be copied so, it was confirmed that Safe Med Pills is not safe.

image4 4

According to LegitScript, has been regarded as a rogue pharmacy that has no verification for its authenticity. Coupon Codes

I was unable to find any coupon codes or discount offers on SafeMedPills. This is quite unsatisfactory because the customers are always ready to look forward to such discounts. These offers also depict the store as a responsible one that actually cares for its customers.


I can regard as a below-average store that has copied customer reviews and no discounts offered at its store. The prices were found to be cheap; however, the store was not able to gain a status of being trustworthy. Therefore, I will give it 2 out of 5 and will say that no customer should buy drugs from this pharmacy.