Review – Fake Vendor with a Complete Lack of User Reviews is an online website that sells drugs to international customers. The website lacks an ‘About Us’ section so I was unable to derive any information about the date when it started working or its origin. Also, there was nothing else about the working of this pharmacy or anything else regarding it. The company has different medications belonging to a lot of categories like men’s health, weight loss, premature ejaculation, women’s health, anti-depressants, skin care and more. I checked the price of these medications and found that 100 mg of Viagra is being offered at 1.39 US Dollars, a price so cheap that I am ready to pay for it anytime.

The payments are accepted at via Visa Card and all of its derivates, the Western Union and Bank Transfer. There is nothing mentioned about the delivery methods used at this drug store except that the store uses EMS or Air Mail to ship the products. Moreover, it also uses Priority Post for shipping to European countries. It was mentioned on the website of Reductil Shop that it does not currently ship to the United States of America.  Refunds or Reshipments are provided to the clients if they fail to receive their required parcels within 30 days of dispatching them in the first place. There was a mentioning of a live chat in the ‘Contact Us’ section of this store but I was not able to find out how to initiate it. A contact form is also available for customers to forward their queries. Reviews

I was not sure about the authenticity of, so I decided to view the comments given b clients who had ordered drugs from this store previously. I searched hard to get my hands on any such review but unfortunately, there were none. I constantly emphasize on checking reviews about any pharmacy because this is an essential part of reviewing. These customer reviews are not just testimonials but an explanation of personal experiences of these people with a particular pharmacy. That is why they are so important to be checked. Websites such as Reductil Shop that do not have any reviews are advised to be avoided. This is because there is no proof of their validity and this website might turn out to be a waste of time. Moreover, the products sold at such platforms have no guarantee of being authentic and effective so, it is better to play safe and not order from them. Reviews 2017

I was not able to find recent reviews regarding Reductil Shop, so I decided to analyze it further with the help of Scamadviser.

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As per the report presented by Scamadviser, ReductilShop is a scam website. This store appears to be based in the United States but Scamadviser has found out that its actual location is Romania. Moreover, there have been certain problems connected with the domain of this pharmacy store. Due to all these reasons, it has not been approved as a safe store. Rather, the customers have been advised to be careful while using it.

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The report calculated by LegitScript regarding Reductil Shop is no different than that of Scamadviser. According to this report, Reductil Shop has been called a rogue internet pharmacy website because it has not provided any proof of its legitimacy as per the rules set by LegitScript. Therefore, it is better to avoid this pharmacy in the first place. Otherwise, the customers must be extremely careful while using it. Coupon Codes

The more I searched about Reductil-Shop, the more I found its activities suspicious. The pharmacy lacks in so many aspects that it is impossible for it to exist for all these years. Just like customer reviews, Reductil Shop does not offer any coupon codes for its customers. This is particularly sad for many clients like me who do not wish to spend a lot of money on buying refills. This is why I turn to online pharmacies in the first place because they are cheaper than the local stores and provide amazing discounts to its customers, but here at ReductilShop, there is no such offer. I would personally not prefer buying medicines from here or any other pharmacy like this especially when there are a lot better and authentic pharmacies offering amazing discounts and free pills to its customers.


There is nothing much to say about, especially because there is no information regarding many aspects of this online drug store.  I was not able to find a single review given by the customers of this drug store, even on its own official website. Moreover, there are no discount offers present here on ReductilShop as well. This site has been termed as high-risk and rogue by Scamadviser and LegitScript respectively and it has also been advised to the customers to stay away from this store. I will give this store a rating of 1 out of 5 and would urge the customers to avoid it at all costs.