Qualitydrugstoreshop.com Review – Company with No Quality Assurance

QualityDrugStoreShop.com is an online drug store that originates from the London, United Kingdom and sells drugs that are manufactured in India. Most of the drugs that are offered here are generic versions. All of these medications are said to be approved by the Indian FDA and the company urges the customers to use all of their products under the supervision of a registered practitioner. It was not mentioned anywhere if the store required a prescription prior to placing an order. All orders placed at Quality Drug Store Shop are overlooked by an in-house physician as said by the pharmacy. There are different kinds of medicines available at QualityDrugStoreShop and I was able to find those related to erectile dysfunction. These products were considered as bestsellers and with moderate prices as 100 mg generic Viagra costs 1.79 US Dollars per pill at this pharmacy.

For ordering any product from Quality Drug Store Shop, the customers need to have credit cards. This is because the company only accepts payments in the form of credit cards. Shipping is ensured via International Airmail Service or Courier Service. The former takes up to 21 days to deliver the parcel and charges 10 US Dollars, while the latter does the job within 5 to 9 days while charging 30 US Dollars for it. For contacting the company, customers can make a call to +1-800-5324808, +1-718-31311498 (US), and +44-200-2227048 (UK). A contact form can also be filled up by the clients and mailed to the company for a response. I was able to find a live chat option at Quality Drug Store Shop and decided to initiate a session to find out about its quality. I was promptly replied by an agent as soon as I initiated.

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Qualitydrugstoreshop.com Reviews

Some reviews about QualityDrugStoreShop.com are discussed below.

Mark had said that he received his order and it was “on time”. He mentioned that the “pills work great” and everyone was happy with the product.

Mike said that he received his order very quickly and he was “very impressed with the time of delivery”.

DN had mentioned that he had an opportunity to try the pills ordered from Quality Drug Store Shop and was “very happy” with them.

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Brian said that his order was delivered “within 7 days” and the store had “most impressive service”. He assured the company that he will definitely contact them when he has to place orders in future.

Dave said that he was “impressed” with the fast delivery provided by QualityDrugStoreShop.  He was also particularly impressed how the pharmacy had all the information provided on it related to the placing of an order.

The customer reviews available are quite positive but I found that some of these reviews were copied from other websites. This means that the vendor is not safe for trusting as it has posted fake reviews on its own website just to improve its rating.

Qualitydrugstoreshop.com Reviews 2017

Because Quality Drug Store Shop has no customer reviews in 2017 and the previous ones have been discarded on the account of being fake, I decided to check LegitScript.

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Quality Drug Store Shop has been proven as a rogue platform for buying drugs. It has been termed by the company that this drug store has been unable to verify itself as a . So, it can be said that it is not worthy of trusting.

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Scamadviser has listed Quality Drug Store Shop as a threat and said that while it seems to be working from the United States, its actual location is the Russian Federation. Russian Federation is well known for its notorious drug stores that are nothing but a trick to trap customers and snatch their money. Hence, QualityDrugStoreShop has been termed as unsafe for usage.

Qualitydrugstoreshop.com Coupon Codes

I was able to find a few discount offers given at QualityDrugStoreShop.com. These offers are related to free pills and shipping. In an advertisement present on the official website, it has been mentioned by the store that it will provide free shipping to its customers. No terms and conditions have been mentioned by the pharmacy for availing this offer. Moreover, it has also not been written anywhere about the delivery service that will be used to provide free shipping.

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Same is the case with the other offer in which the customers have been promised to receive free pills. Yet again, Quality Drug Store Shop has failed to mention whether this offer is valid on all the orders and the number of pills that will be awarded to the customers for free.


QualityDrugStoreShop.com could have served as a good platform for providing drugs if it did not do the mistake of being dishonest with its customers. The fake reviews present in its testimonials section did all the damage to this drug store’s review and after getting to know about how it has posted fake reviews just to increase its fame, I am not willing to buy from this store at all. I would give QualityDrugStoreShop 1 out of 5 and would request all the customers never to buy from this drug store as it does not have authenticity.