Review – Old Website which Allegedly Shipped Infected Meds is one of the web’s several online suppliers for hormones and bodybuilding stocks. The website is rather modest, and the shop seemed not one to waste words for its sections. I tried searching for a fixed “about us” section of the store, but the shop did not have any informational section for more details for the shop. What’s significant about, though, was its “we are back” statement—although the store did not say, it must have receded in the past years and stopped serving the consumers for some time. There is no information on Pharma Europe concerning its inception and its location, but since the store has “Europe” to its name, the shop may be operating from one of the countries in Europe. is not an online pharmacy—it is mostly a dispensary of hormone products and bodybuilding “equipment”. The store’s unassertive front makes one assume that the store has only a few products—but don’t be fooled, as the shop has products for various medical conditions aside from drugs and substances for bodybuilding. This store features Dianabol 10 mg, Sustanon 250 mg, Clenbuterol 20 mcg, Deca-Durabolin 50 mg, and more bodybuilding products. However, besides these, also offers items for diabetes, libido, anemia, depression, weight loss, and several other medical conditions. did not have any FAQ section where shops discuss where the products come from or where they are shipped out from, so buyers may be unsure where sources its medications from. Due to this, we also can’t know if the meds sold on the store are approved by the FDA or any drug regulating body for medical products.

Erectile dysfunction medications are also available on Pharma Europe, and they are categorized under “Libido – Erectile Dysfunction”. The shop has several products listed under this topic, and they are Alprostadil –Caverject, Sildenafil Citrate – Viagra, Tadalafil – Cialis, and Vardenafil HCl – Levitra. offers two choices for Sildenafil Citrate, Silda 100 mg from Asia Pharma and Viagra 100 mg from Pfizer. The shop sells Silda 100 mg for $54.85 for 20 tablets and Viagra 100 mg for $75 per 4 tablets. also has two options for Cialis 20 mg, Calida from Asia Pharma and Cialis from Eli Lilly. Calida 20 mg costs $54 for 20 tablets, while Cialis 20 mg costs $90.67 for 4 tablets. These average to expensive pricing for the impotence products, as some online stores are able to sell them for much lower.

The cost of shipping for the products of is $15.67 to any part of the world, and the store allows the payment for the products via Western Union money transfer, bank transfer, MoneyGram money transfer, and Bitcoin payments.

Pharma Europe did not discuss anything about product returns and reshipments in the case of losses and other problems in delivery. You can contact the shop just by its contact page, but requires the clients to create an account and log on the shop first before being able to send a message to the shop’s support team. Reviews

Pharma Europe has web mentions on one review websites, However, the reviews for the shop are dated 5 to 6 years ago:

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A complaint was aired by the buyer “Adroitracer” and mentioned that the shop sent him infected gear, and as a result, he contracted kidney and liver infections. His other orders were still in transit during the time of the review, and because of the buyer’s horrible experience with, he considered using other online shops.

On the other hand, the buyer “tsupuf” stated that all of his and his friend’s orders always came through during the past. The buyer “CaptainInsano” also shared that he was able to order from years ago and he never had problems with the store’s service. However, the same user gave an update about that the site was already gone. Reviews 2017

Using other online platforms, I checked the integrity of the domain Pharma Europe. The results were disappointing, though, as both Scam Adviser and Scamner gave low remarks for

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According to Scam Adviser’s result, the shop Pharma Europe is not a safe place to shop from. The almost 16-year old shop was also awarded a 0/100 score for its performance and was identified to have several disconcerting information for its domain.

image2 2 was also given a low score by, and the website gave the shop only 9 out of 100 points. Scamner also stated that is a dangerous place to shop meds from and the platform recommended that buyers stay away from the online store. Coupon Codes

The modest store did not have any coupon code offers for its client, as well as offers for free shipping and freebie pills. The shop, though, currently runs a discount promotion for its clients to help them save a little when it comes to their purchases. However, it is quite disappointing that did not have discounts for their clients despite the average to high prices on the store.

Conclusion is an online anabolic steroid dispensary which also caters to consumers with the need for general health medications. The shop functioned for about 16 years, although intermittently, since there is information that the shop was gone several years before recently resurfacing.

Although Pharma Europe had some good reviews during the past, some consumers also complained about getting infected gear from the store. The shop, though, has no recent reviews for its service, so it is still difficult to tell if it is now a good place to source meds from. I am rating 2 out of 5.