Pharmacy shop reviews Review – Cheap Store that might be Risky to Try is said to be an online pharmacy that operates from outside the United States but says that they have their staff present in the USA and Europe for support […] Review – Not Valid Enough to be Tried Out seems to be an affiliate website as it has been mentioned on its official website that the name of its company is 365Pills. The company says that it is […] Review – Fake Online Pharmacy with Different Websites and Names was an online seller of high-quality branded and generic medicines which operated for almost 7 years. The products offered by the pharmacy were sourced and manufactured from India. All of […]

1800usaverx.comReview – Expensive Online Pharmacy with Unverified Website is a virtual pharmacy that offers high-quality generic and branded medications. According to their website, they are the first mail order Canadian drug pharmacy. The pharmacy is in partnership and […] Review – Low-Cost Pharmacy with Fraud Reviews is a virtual pharmacy that offers high-quality generic and branded medications. All the drugs offered by the pharmacy are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The pharmacy acquired its certification […] Review – Good Online Pharmacy with Expensive Pricing Scheme is an online clinic that is owned and operated by Online Clinic (UK) Limited. It is duly licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency to sell medications online. The […] Review – Cheap and Safe Online Pharmacy is an online drugstore competing in the market to provide low-cost but high-quality generic medicines. It has been in the business for almost 9 years, serving customers across the […] Review – Scam Drug Store with no Authentic Reviews is an e-store that does not provide any information about its location or for how long has it been working on the internet. The store does tell about the […] Review – Fake Vendor with a Complete Lack of User Reviews is an online website that sells drugs to international customers. The website lacks an ‘About Us’ section so I was unable to derive any information about the date when […] Review – Company with No Quality Assurance is an online drug store that originates from the London, United Kingdom and sells drugs that are manufactured in India. Most of the drugs that are offered here are […]