Review – Affordably Priced Meds from a Dubious E-Store is one of the uniquely named online stores on the web. The shop sports a generic product line which is rather typical amongst its online peers. The shop’s currently inaccessible via my local browser (a DNS error page kept on reappearing), but using a proxy browser, I was finally able to gain access to this online pharmacy. The store advertises a “100% confidential” service and “top medications” with the “most affordable” prices. Also, Online Pills Land claims that it is a leading pharmacy in the United States, with 4 years of online service experience.

Both prescription and non-prescription, generic and brand-name medications are accessible in this store. Although I clearly see no tangible difference between this and other online pharmacies, according to this shop, it is aimed at selling the best medications and also providing “research-backed” content for its product range. Online Pills Land strives to offer detailed information about how a product works, its dosages, side effects, special considerations, and other relevant details for all the meds available on the store.

Amidst all of the products accessible on, the most popular are Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Valium, Tramadol, Modafinil, Oxycodone, and several others. These are not the only products of Online Pills Land, though, as the shop offers a seemingly extensive assortment of medical products from the categories of erectile dysfunction, anti-anxiety, asthma meds, diuretics, cancer medication, obesity management, surgery, and various others. You can find common meds here, but I also observed that the store housed several controlled substances such as Valium and similar products. Concerning the prescriptions, Online Pills Land did not state if it required the buyers to send in their prescriptions via facsimile, snail mail, or email, so I assume that the store allows the buyers to secure their meds from the store even without presenting a copy of their Rx orders. Although quite convenient, the shop removes restrictions for the securing of narcotics and most likely encourages addiction to these medications. Despite the no-Rx policy of this shop, it is wise to consult your doctors first prior to securing and using any Rx drug from the store.

As for the products I visited the store for, generic analogs of iconic impotence drugs are sold on this store for very low prices. Whilst other online shops charge at least $3 per pill for the minimum purchase amount, offers generic Viagra 100 mg for $9.99 for 10 pills, and also generic Cialis 20 mg (10 pills) for the same amount. These items may be paid for using ACH payments, Bitcoins, Western Union, MoneyGram (but only for orders greater than $500), and of course, credit and debit card payments.

Shipping is only charged a minimal fee of $10 for the regular shipping option, but if clients opt for a faster shipping mode, also offers an express option which costs $30. In cases of lost orders, you can always contact using its phone number and ask for a refund or an order replacement, as Online Pills Land promises to refund the payments or reship the orders in case of order loss or damage. Reviews

I find reviews important when it comes to checking the integrity of any online store. Reviews from the mouths of the buyers help a lot in evaluating any shop’s performance during the past years, so for every store I visit, I make sure that I search for that shop’s available client reviews from reliable web sources.

Unfortunately, reviews for Online Pills Land do not exist, and the shop failed to have client comments for its service from unbiased sources. I tried searching review sites for, but the shop seemed unpopular and did not have buyer mentions from various web sources. It’s a good thing, though, that the store did not have complaints about its service, but having no reviews is also rather disconcerting and makes me think twice about using this store for my medical needs. Reviews 2017

More recent testimonials are still unavailable for 2016 and onwards, but I saw that Online Pills Land has records in some online platforms.

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Legit Script, a simple domain assessing platform, has a record of, but the shop was given a “rogue international pharmacy” brand. Although did not expound well on the details, the shop’s rogue rating is a hint to its poor performance.

image2 1 also had a record on Scam Adviser, and the result for the shop’s analysis was also bad. Online Pills Land was given a low trust rating and a high-risk label and was given 0 score out of 100. According to Scam Adviser, had its rogue rating since 2012, the shop has malware reports, and was also linked with high-risk web operators. The age identified for this online pharmacy, though, was 5 years, which is longer than the orthodox website age of its online pharmacy contemporaries. Coupon Codes

Because I crave for deals and discounts, I tried searching for available coupon codes or other offers present on However, the shop did not have anything for its clients—even conditional free shipping or free pills for every order. In due fairness to the shop, its prices are already low, so if it is indeed a reliable store to order from, the buyers can get more value from their cash spent on this store.


The prices on are strikingly lower than most online drugstores. However, I still can’t recommend the use of this online pharmacy due to its apparent lack of credibility. does not have online mentions and reviews from its former clients, which makes it a dubious place to shop meds from. Because of this, I suggest that you look for other places to shop meds from, or at least try the top, safe-to-use, and reliable websites from my list. My verdict: 2 out of 5.