Online Pharmacy Risk: Paying Through Credit Card

Online pharmacies have helped Americans deal with the rising costs of healthcare. The reduced medicine prices from these sites enable more individuals to save for other necessary expenses. Online pharmacies charge cheaper since they pay less fixed costs (i.e. store rent price, supplier fees, etc.). Hence, they do not have to add a larger-than-usual value to their drug prices.

Strict government policies also limit the drug’s price flexibility. US local pharmacies have to pay certain fees according to these policies, forcing them to charge more for medicines. Online pharmacies are usually based in countries (such as India and Canada) without strict medicine policies. These countries also have cheaper production costs and labor fees compared to the US. The lowered manufacturing costs enable foreign pharmacies to charge less.

Unfortunately, many customers have been scammed by these online pharmacies. Some companies send counterfeit medicines while others do not deliver at all. Instead of saving money, cheated customers end up losing more money.

Can customers still avail of affordable medicines online? Thankfully, there are legitimate online pharmacies that provide quality products and services. Reliable pharmacy sites only require credit card payments. Unlike money deliveries or PayPal methods, credit card transactions can be traced and documented. Should the order not arrive or appear faulty, the charge is accounted for in the credit card company’s records.

Credit card charges are classified as high risk merchant accounts. They are considered high risk since the buyer’s identity is difficult to trace. Instances of identity theft and fake transactions demand that the bank ensures the business is legitimate and that the buyers accomplish the necessary payments. Credit card transactions have a greater chance of money returns and fraudulent purchases, unlike straightforward cash payments. These risks make the transactions a challenge for the credit card processor. Telemarketing pharmacies come with a greater risk since all operations are done over the phone. Nonetheless, the company only needs to present legitimate documents and evidences proving business credibility.

Hence, customers are advised to only buy from online pharmacies requiring credit card payments. Any other method is imprecise and undocumented. One must also check for an application programming interface (API) in the online pharmacy’s shopping cart. The API provides higher security through blocking the confidential information carried by the credit card. Read through the company’s private policy to double check the security guarantee. The online pharmacy should guarantee that no information is revealed to outside parties. In case of emergencies, keep a record of the confidentiality policy. This will prove useful if instances of identity theft or fake transactions occur.