Internet pharmacies providing deeper discounts than retail pharmacies

America’s citizens overwhelmingly believe the Internet pharmacy option is a “good idea” and more than one-third of peoples say access to a cost- effective mail-service pharmacy option makes them “more likely” to enroll in the new Medicare prescription drug benefit, according to a new poll released today by the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA).

The online pharmacy option is typically used for 90-day prescriptions for long-term maintenance drugs treating chronic conditions such as high-blood pressure, high-cholesterol, arthritis, panic attacks, insomnia, excess weight, erection dysfunction and other. The Internet pharmacy typically provides consumers with an additional savings of about 10% for brand and about 60% for generic medications beyond discounts available through chain drugstores and independent pharmacies.

“PCMA’s new polling data suggest that the mail-order pharmacy option has the potential to transform the Medicare prescription drug benefit,” said PCMA President Mark Merritt.” With mail-order pharmacies providing deeper discounts than retail pharmacies and customers more likely to enroll in the Medicare drug benefit when having this option, now is the time to do everything we can to promote and enhance the Medicare mail-order pharmacy option for people.

Using the mail-order pharmacy option to its full potential could save Medicare and consumers $86 billion dollars over the next ten years.

Many benefits online prescription drugstores give to seniors (65 years and older), which conditions persuade to use facilities of mail-order pharmacies with delivery to home door.

Over 33% of seniors say that a mail order option would make them more likely to sign up for the Medicare prescription drug benefit. 37% of seniors say that knowing that they “could get a 90-day supply of prescription drugs by mail at a cost savings” makes them more likely to sign up for the new benefit, while 30% say it has no effect on their decision to sign up.

Nearly nine in ten seniors who could be candidates for using mail-order pharmacies regularly take prescription drugs to treat an on-going health condition, with more than two-thirds of them taking three or more drugs on a daily basis. 85% of seniors regularly take prescription drugs to treat an on-going health condition. Among those who take drugs regularly, 43% take three to five drugs per day, 20% take six to ten drugs per day, and 6% take more than ten drugs per day.

With the poll finding that 85 percent of seniors report regularly taking prescriptions to treat an ongoing health condition, the cost-savings and quality-improvement opportunities available to Medicare and beneficiaries could be tremendous.