Instant Erection Pills and Genuine Alternatives to Prescription Medications

Despite being leaders in the industry, Viagra and Cialis medications can pretty disadvantageous, not to mention inconvenient. These options for erectile dysfunction treatment can be entirely too expensive. They also require a prescription, which means making a trip to the doctor and the pharmacy. Even if you source your pills on the Internet, they could take weeks to arrive, so if time is of the essence, traditional medications are not a good choice. Sometimes you just want to walk into a store, buy a thing, and be done with it, especially if you have plans. Well, there are options for you.

“Instant” erection pills typically refer to a range of natural male enhancement supplements that are also widely available, even in department stores. The quality and effectiveness of these products can vary even more so than traditional medications, but plenty of people find success. And for those looking for a quick pick-up, these are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain.

You may have even heard of some of these already. For example, ExtenZe is one brand that has made a name for itself in the natural male enhancement area. A lot of the time these pills are also recognizable by gimmicky, “pun” names like Hot Rod or Bone-Up. Some other brands are Vigrx Plus, Libido Max, and Zyrexin, among others. Since these products aren’t medications and usually use natural ingredients like horny goat weed or the maca root, there is no prescription required. People often report successful experiences, though there is little clinical evidence supporting the erectile benefits of these ingredients. All of the “instant” erection options will greatly vary depending on the person, but luckily, trying different brands is a quick and easy process. But sometimes you have to be careful.

Instant Hot Rod

Hot Rod isn’t as popular as it once was. It had been advertised as one of the most powerful formulas for male enhancement. It’s an all-natural, herbal treatment that actually attributed most of its success to a certain species of ant, but however successful the product is, there is some sketchiness surrounding its ingredients. It may have, at one time, led the industry with these instant treatments, but it was recently revealed that the drug contains Tadalafil, which is a synthetic ingredient that is also used in Cialis. For that reason, Hot Rod should have technically required a prescription.

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Instant Hot Rod

Many of these instant pills contain “hidden” ingredients, and it has apparently been an issue, so it might be wise to do some quick research before you purchase any instant erection pills. If companies aren’t fully disclosing all of their ingredients, it can be dangerous for the consumer. Other than that, Hot Rod does contain several natural ingredients and herbs, and it is still available for purchase. While it might not be in pharmacies and departments stores like it used to be, you can still purchase it from some websites, including the manufacturer’s website and Amazon.

Best Fast Acting Natural ED Pills

The best medication alternatives won’t be surrounded by controversy, and they shouldn’t be difficult to obtain or only be available on certain sites. ExtenZe is still a go-to choice for alternatives to erectile dysfunction medications. It contains a specific combination of ingredients which are called Yohimbe, L-Arginine, DHEA, and Tribulus, and this combination of natural ingredients is something you will see in many over the counter erection pills. There is another popular pill called Hardon Helper, which contains ingredients totally different from those just listed. All of the ingredients are totally natural, and both of these supplements work in under an hour.

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Hardon Helper from the makers of Hangover Helper

There are other fast acting supplements that have been known to work really well but were recalled for containing certain ingredients they weren’t supposed to. One of these was the Instant Hot Rod pills that turned out to contain Tadalafil, a synthetic ingredient used in prescription ED medications. Another one is called Rhino 7, which had worked really well for erections, but it contained something called Dapoxetine, the inclusion of which was not legal. While these supplements may have worked well for erections, secretly containing ingredients can be dangerous for the consumer. That being said, you can still find these supplements online and even at some gas stations and liquor stores.

How to Buy Instant Erection Pills

“Instant” usually means under 30 minutes. The real difference with these kinds of supplements is the ability to purchase them easily over the counter. You might benefit from doing a little research before making a purchase, just to see if there is any controversy surrounding your supplement of choice. But the best, most reliable erection pills are widely available in big name stores like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, GNC and typically vitamin stores as well. You will also be able to buy any of these online, but if time is an issue, you are better off going to the store. To purchase Instant Erection Pills at affordable prices, check our database of Approved Virtual Vendors.


There are endless options for erection pills that don’t require a prescription and usually work pretty quickly, and they are all available in a variety of department stores. So, if you are in a tight spot, and you need something fast, just hop in your car, drive to the nearest store and pick something up. It really is that easy. Some gas stations even sell erectile supplements. However, the effectiveness of these supplements can definitely vary as some are more legit than others.

Since choosing these supplements over prescription drugs is saving you so much time, you should have plenty to do a quick Internet search about whatever supplement you are considering. If you find out that a brand is surrounded by controversy, it is probably best not to buy it. Some brands contain ingredients that they aren’t supposed, which could be dangerous.

Even though you don’t need a prescription for these natural supplements, it is still important to be safe. There are plenty of trusted brands that have been known to be effective, so it would be wise to start there. ExtenZe is a renowned supplement that has been consistently effective for people, but there are plenty of other reliable brands like Hardon Helper, Powerzen, Zyrexin, or Niagra, to name a few. But since these supplements are usually inexpensive and quick to obtain, experimenting a little bit is pretty easy.  To purchase Instant Erection Pills, check our database of Approved Virtual Vendors.