GNC Erection Pills: Excellent All-Natural Alternatives to Prescription Medicines

General Nutrition Center (GNC) is an American store that specializes in selling health and nutrition products. These products include supplements, energy products, vitamins, minerals, herbs and sports nutrition. GNC is not a drugstore but a one-stop shop for products that enhance the performance of the human body for a better quality of life. GNC also sells products for personal care, weight management, digestion, natural remedies and healthy food and drinks. Aside from these products, GNC also has a selection of supplements that enhance a male’s sexual performance. These are not chemically-engineered prescription drugs like Viagra or Cialis but these are products made from natural substances found in nature like antioxidants, herbs and other natural remedies.

Unlike the pharmaceutical drugs used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), GNC’s erection pills require no prescriptions. But even if this is the case, GNC still recommends its customers to consult their doctors first before using their products to avoid any possible health issues that might occur with the use of their products. It is also important for the doctor to know the person’s medical history before using the supplements for them to prevent a possible complication with the user’s underlying condition if there’s any.

One of the most popular erection pill sold by GNC is Viatalast’s NewVigor, a male enhancement supplement that improves a man’s sexual function. It contains all-natural ingredients which are L-Arginine Hydrochloride, Acetyl L-Carnitine Hydrochloride, Deer Antler Velvet and Peruvian Maca Root powder.

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Viatalast NewVigor Dietary Supplement

The Deer Velvet is found in the deer antlers and is used as a medicine for various health problems. It is known to boost the immune system, improve strength and endurance, fast recovery from illnesses and countering the effects of stress. The Peruvian Maca Root powder, on the other hand, is harvested from a plant known as maca which is a relative or radish. It has been used as a traditional medicine for enhancing fertility and sex drive and is also known to increase energy, stamina, athletic performance and memory. NewVigor’s formulation is expected to improve a male’s sexual function by making the user’s erections, libido and orgasms better.

Another product sold by GNC for improving a male’s sexual performance is BioXGenic Bio-Hard. It’s also a supplement made only from natural substances and not using any chemically engineered substances. BioXGenic Bio-Hard is an all-natural enhancement pill that males can use for achieving the full length and girth of their erections.

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BioXGenic Bio-Hard Herbal Dietary Supplement

BioXGenic Bio-Hard contains healthy amino acids and natural substances that help the body achieve erections naturally. It contains Maca Root powder, Avena Sativa Extract (Oat Straw), Yohimbe bark extract, Horny Goat Weed, Siberian Ginseng, Tongkat Ali and many other natural ingredients that improve the stamina, testosterone levels, libido, energy, muscular density, and blood circulation.

Best Male Enhancement Pills Review

Aside from their very affordable prices, customers are very pleased with the efficacy of these enhancement pills with improving their sexual performance and stamina. Many users personally recommend the use of these all natural products because of their own personal experience on how effective these supplements are. Below are some of the reviews from satisfied customers using NewVigor and BioXGenic Bio-Hard:

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NewVigor Customer Reviews

User “Mike B” was very satisfied with using NewVigor that he gave it a 5-star review. He and his girlfriend have definitely noticed the changes after taking the supplement as he now has harder erections and increase in the size of his penis. He’s already 53 years of age but feels like he has the energy back when he was 18.

If “Mike B” is already there, user “Dan R” is still monitoring the effects that NewVigor does for him since he’s only 3 weeks into using it. The supplement seems to be effective, so far so good for Dan but he’s still not where he wants to be with using it. Convinced that he will achieve his desired results, he will continue the use of NewVigor.

The following reviews will be coming from BioXGenic Bio-Hard users who achieved great improvements since using the product:

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BioXGenic Bio-Hard Reviews

A user that goes by the name “Daddy” assures everyone that BioXGenic “really works”. Though the onset of its action took more than 45 minutes, he and his wife were very pleased with the results and the performance of the drug. He was also happy about it price which is for only $40. The only side effect that he has experienced was the sleeplessness after using the drug. Apart from that, everything seemed to be good.

Another user “Chris J” have experienced the similar effectiveness of the herbal supplement and even says it’s better than Viagra, allowing him to experience its effects for longer periods of time. He gave a 5-star review of the product swears by his experience.

The Best Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter

Aside from being affordable, the good news to customers is that these enhancement pills from GNC don’t require prescriptions. Customers can purchase as much as they need and use these supplements to improve their sexual performance. As long as the users will not exceed the recommended dosage that’s indicated on the label of the supplements, there will be no risk to the health.

GNC Viagra Alternative

The male enhancement supplements sold by GNC are viable alternatives to Viagra and what’s better is that they are made only from natural herbal ingredients and healthy amino acids. Compared to Viagra, these products don’t have side effects associated with them and can be used freely by males with erection problems.


GNC is a health supplement store which is a good source for male enhancement products. Aside from being effective and affordable, these products are also all natural and herbal, helping the body achieve erections naturally. These male supplements also increase energy, stamina, libido, muscle density and testosterone levels, something that prescription drugs cannot provide. These products can be excellent alternatives to the expensive prescription medicines.