Do The Best Over The Counter Erection Pills Exist?

As men age, they have more and more chances of developing conditions that affect their sexual performance. One of the most prominent of these is erectile dysfunction, or difficulty in getting your erection up and keeping it that way for the duration of your sexual activities. For several males, this can be more than just a physical problem. It also has the potential to damage a man’s relationships as well as give him excessive stress and depression over his condition. Thankfully, there are a number of medically effective solutions for an ED problem, and men scramble to get a hold of them, only to find out that they need prescriptions. Are there over the counter pills, and if so, how do you get them?

Well to answer the first question, there are no over the counter ED pills on the market. Medications like Viagra and Cialis have a good reason for being prescription-only.

  • These medications are known as PDE5 inhibitors, which have a general effect on the body of being able to improve blood flow by helping blood vessel muscles relax and widen. That extra influx of blood is what helps your penis harden much faster and helping it last longer.
  • PDE5 inhibitors are not allowed to be used in conjunction with many other types of drugs such as heart pills like nitrates due to their effects. It could seriously cause damage to any person with heart problems and the like, and may cause severe injuries. Your doctor will only be able to prescribe you ED pills if you’ve been screened for dangerous drug and disease interactions.
  • ED pills are some of the most counterfeited medications on the planet, with plenty of pharmacies online taking advantage of the high demands and selling off fake drugs that do nothing to improve their condition. Prescriptions make sure that you are buying authentic products.

It is actually possible to purchase ED medications without any prescriptions. This can be done by buying from rogue or unlicensed vendors that are selling cheap generics. However, you should be ready to face any consequences of these purchases, like getting scammed out of your money for defective products.

Over The Counter Viagra Substitute

Though ED pills such as Viagra have been seen so far to be the best solutions to sexual performance issues, there are several over the counter Viagra substitutes that can be bought legally. These can be found in the form of herbal remedies and dietary supplements. For example, Extenze is one of the most popular of several “male enhancement” products listed as a nutritional substitute. It prides itself on advertisements as being able to help men achieve firmer erections and have elongated sessions in bed.

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A Daily Tablet for a Strengthened Erection

Other more natural solutions are herbal formulas like L-Arginine, which has already gained a reputation for also improving blood flow just as ED pills do, although at much milder levels. Many men who are just looking to get a boost in their everyday sex or who only have very mild cases of ED use these and other herbs studied that have libido-improving properties to curb costs on actual ED pills.

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L-Arginine can Improve your Erections as well as your Overall Health

However, due to the fact that these products are not listed as drugs and are therefore not regulated under the FDA, men have free reign to buy as many as they please but are not aware of the possible drawbacks. Taking too many hormone enhancers and unknown chemicals may have adverse effects on your general health, so it would be wise to find out as much as you can about these products from both their websites and first-hand accounts by other users, as well as consulting with your physician about the compatibility of these products in your situation.

What Works Like Viagra

While there are many ED pills in the world, Viagra is by far the most popular brand out there. Aside from being discovered and manufactured first, its reputation over the years has certainly preceded it, and now it’s a household name for adults. Other popular pills, such as Cialis and Levitra, are also quite effective in dealing with a limp and weak erection.

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Choose the Right Pill with Consultation from your Doctor

These pills, while similarly sharing the spotlight in ED treatment, are also similar in the way they work to fight sexual impotence. As mentioned before, all three of these pills are PDE5 inhibitors which improve blood flow. Aside from this, their effects kick in at around the same time, which is about 30 minutes to an hour after intake. They also display similar side effects, such as headaches, dizziness, stomach upset and a stuffy nose to name a few. Finding the drug of your choice amongst these depends on your body’s response, which can only really be discovered if you take them yourself.


ED pills are some of the most convenient and quickest ways to get rid of ED for several hours so you can enjoy a night with a lover. If you are looking for over the counter erection pills, then you will have no such luck, as medications like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis must be bought with a prescription, even when you’re buying them off an online store. Though some performance-enhancing products are available over the counter, like libido-boosting tablets and herbal treatments, these should be bought at the buyer’s discretion and with great caution, since they haven’t been properly researched by any proper studies and may cause unforeseen adverse side effects.

To have the best experience when choosing and purchasing sexually-enhancing medications, you should give your physician a visit. He will be able to find out the potential cause of your ED, its severity and use this information to determine whether it’s feasible for you to use supplements or whether you really do need to buy ED drugs.