Cheap RX Review: One of the Longest Serving and Reliable Online Drugstore Network

Cheap RX is a reputable online pharmacies network that comprises of multiple websites that have the same appearance when you look at the features in their homepage, the kind of drugs in stock, and the prices at which these medications are sold. As a result of the similarity, many customers may fear to deal with them thinking that they will lose their money and fail to get the medications they are looking for.

The websites that work under Cheap Pills network are all legitimate and for since 1997, there is no record that they have ever failed to deliver an order placed by a customer. The regulatory bodies have also certified that the websites are legitimate and there are seals of approval to that effect. These websites include:


The private details that the network requires to facilitate the payment and the shipping of the drugs are secured and in no way will they find themselves in the wrong hands. When the charges are being made on the credit card, there will be no indication of what product the money is being used to pay. This means that even when one has access to your credit card statement, there is no way they will be able to tell what you bought with the amount charged on the credit card. Another way of maintaining the privacy of their customers is the discreet pack through which the drugs are shipped where no one will know what is contained in the package until the recipient receives and opens the package.

Cheap RX Reviews

Dorothy describes her experience with Cheap RX network as excellent; the prices of the drugs were quite affordable and this did not affect the quality of the drugs as it was always high. Whenever she had a query that needed attention by the network’s staff they were quite efficient. Samuel also commends the speed at which the drugs were delivered and is also happy that they gave him regular updates regarding the shipping progress. For the several times, he has purchased drugs from the network, he says that they are honest.

Another client by the name Sarah is appreciative of the courteous and fast services she gets from the network. According to her, these are the kind of services that are not easy to come by and she is very grateful. There are other customers that have sent in their reviews like Piter and Barbara who says that the shipping of the medications is quite fast and have promised to place another order soon.

Cheap Pills Customer Feedback on the Service

A customer who wishes to have the order shipped fast and also get high-quality medications at low prices should use the services of Cheap RX. Every customer who has reviewed the network talks of how fast their orders were delivered.

Cheap RX Online

Cheap RX network has a simple homepage that is easy to navigate as a way of ensuring that customers will be able to order more efficiently. The classification of the medications is in accordance with the disease that the drugs are used to treat so that a customer who does not have a prescription will easily find the right medications for him.

Cheap RX Network Site Sample

To access Cheap RX network, you can use any of the websites that are connected to it such as,, and All these websites are a way of getting more traffic to the network since each of them will attract its own traffic. The orders are processed at the main website and you will, therefore, get the same high-quality medications from any of the above websites.

The prices of the medications at the network are low and this is why those who could not have afforded their medications in local pharmacies. Customers will have the opportunity of choosing either the more costly brand medications or the cheap generic drugs both of which work in the same ways since the chemical composition is the same.

Once a customer has ordered his medications from the network, the delivery will either be through the standard shipping which is cheaper or the more expensive express mail. To avoid spending too much in the shipping of the drugs, a customer should make his orders in advance so that he will not run out of drugs before the other order is delivered through the standard mail.

Cheap RX Coupon Codes

When purchasing drugs from cheap RX, there are various discounts that a customer will enjoy like the free pills which are offered on every order that is placed at the network. Some of the customers who have submitted their reviews say that they always look forward to the free pills.

Customers who are able to purchase medications worth $200 will have them shipped for free and through this, a customer will have saved the $10 that is normally charged on the shipping of the drugs.

The prices of medications at the network will get lower with larger packs and those customers who are able to buy their prescription drugs at once will get a higher discount.

Cheap RX Discounts

Cheap RX Phone Numbers

You can talk to the customer service staffs at Cheap RX network through any of the below numbers:

  • +1-781-487-9792
  • +420-3239-7092

Cheap RX Spam and Phone Calls

Cheap RX does not involve itself in the sending of spam messages or making unwanted calls. Calls will only be made if the customer needs to be updated regarding an order or any other issue of concern to him.


Cheap RX network assures its customers of getting effective medications at the lowest possible prices. They also ensure that customers do not have to wait for too long before the orders are delivered within the agreed duration so that customers do not run out of drugs before the next dose is delivered. Due to this reliability, we will give Cheap RX a 5 out of 5 rating.