Best Erection Pills

Best Erection Pills: The Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Medications

With too many choices available in the market and all of them claiming to help you deal with erectile dysfunction, making a choice can become taunting. The most trusted erectile dysfunction drugs in the market are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Best Erection Pills: The Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Medications
100 mg Viagra tablets – a trusted ED drug

Men have been using all three of the above drugs and they have been getting awesome results. Viagra contains sildenafil citrate as the active ingredient, Levitra has Vardenafil and Cialis has tadalafil. All these ingredients function in the same way. They act as PDE5 inhibitors once ingested.
This means that the above drugs function in a similar manner. Generic versions of these three drugs are available in the market. This means it is possible to acquire these best erection pills online without having a doctor’s prescription. So, is it really possible to get erection pills over the counter?

Erection Pills Over the Counter

Pills that you get over the counter don’t require you to have a doctors prescription in order for you to acquire them. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra all have their generic versions that don’t require any prescription for you to use them.
Viagra remained was a prescription-only drug until 2013 when Pfizer lost the patent for this drug and hence allowing other pharmaceutical companies to start manufacturing the drug. Cialis’ patent which Eli Lilly had been holding was lost in November 2017. Levitra which is also referred to as Staxyn has always been available in the market in its generic version.
The only place where these over the counter drugs are available is only in online drugstores. Scammers have taken the availability of over the counter erectile dysfunction drugs as a chance to exploit consumers unknowingly.
What these fraudsters do is that they have set up websites online that resemble drugstores and they are using them to entice you into thinking that they offer the best deals on impotence drugs. Once they have you thinking that they are the best drugstore, they then can con you your money and disappear.
Some of these scammers will deliver drugs to you but what they deliver is not the real thing. They will deliver to you counterfeit drugs which will damage your health even further. To keep this from happening to you, we have dedicated our time to do a background check on several pharmaceutical drugstores in order to make sure that these pharmacies are not fraudsters.
To do this, we have ordered from them several times and confirmed that they do deliver what we order and also deliver on time. After doing this confirmation, we have recorded these online pharmacies on our special list which you can get access to without having to pay even a single penny. Ordering your erection pills from one of the drugstores on our list will guarantee you of quick delivery and at the same time, you will be sure that what you get are genuine erections pills and not counterfeits.

Pills That Make You Stay Hard Longer

Another problem that many men have been going through apart from erectile dysfunction is the inability to satisfy their lovers. This problem is usually characterized by their inability to last long enough in bed.

Cialis 10mg 4 tablets pack.

This problem is usually referred to as premature ejaculation and it has been affecting more than half of the sexually active men. Men usually hesitate to talk about this problem because they are convinced that nothing can fix it. These men are wrong.
Tadalafil, Sildenafil citrate, and Vardenafil are not only responsible for treating erectile dysfunction. These drugs have other advantages. The health benefits that Cialis provides to its users include curing orgasmic dysfunction which is a condition that makes it impossible for men to ejaculate, curing premature ejaculation and helping patients manage symptoms that arise from having an enlarged prostate.
Sildenafil citrate cures arterial hypertension and also helps men last longer in bed. Vardenafil which is found in both Levitra and Staxyn helps men eliminate their premature ejaculation too.
This tells you that if you have problems with lasting long enough in bed, there are solutions for this problem. To make it even easier for you, our recommended pharmacies offer this drug to you at very affordable prices. The drug is also delivered to you in a very short time.

ED Pills Online

By now, you already know that erectile dysfunction drugs are available online. The only thing you don’t know is what prices are you supposed to expect when you decide to order these meds from our recommended pharmacies. Let’s look at the prices for these drugs in order to enable you to make a decision easily.

Vardenafil 20mg tablets

The cost of Viagra online are as follows:
● If you order 10 tablets of 100mg generic sildenafil citrate, you will receive this at a cost of $36.10
● Ordering 60 tablets will cost you $82.93
● In order to get access to 180 tablets, the amount you pay is $195.31
The cost of Cialis online is as follows:
● 40 tablets will cost you$36. Each pill at $0.90
● For 60 tablets you pay $42. Each pill at $0.70.
● For 100 tablets the price is $60.00. Equivalent to $0.60 for each pill.
The cost of Levitra 20mg is as follows:
● 10 tablets will cost you a mere $40.29
● For sixty tablets the cost is $120.40
● For 180 tablets you will need to part with $312.56 only
As you can see from the above prices, generic vardenafil, sildenafil citrate, and tadalafil are very affordable. Also, you need to note that these affordable prices are only available in our recommended pharmacies only. Hence, make sure that you order from them.


Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra are all valid choices when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction. Their active ingredients are all PDE5 inhibitors and hence they have the ability to enhance your ability to gain and keep an erection.
These drugs only have slight differences. For example, Cialis lasts for 36 hours while Viagra and Levitra last for 22 hours in your body system.
All these drugs are available in their generic forms which don’t require you to have a doctors prescription in our recommended pharmacies. Ordering these drugs from our pharmacies will guarantee you quick delivery and great prices.
Ordering from other pharmacies will place you at the risk of receiving counterfeit drugs or getting your hard-earned money stolen from you. If you are ready to start a better sex life, order Levitra, Viagra and Cialis from our Top online pharmacies catalog.