Can Revatio Be Used For Erectile Dysfunction: A Viable Alternative

Revatio is Pfizer’s brand of the drug Sildenafil that has smaller dosages compared to its big brother Viagra. If Viagra’s known use is for erectile dysfunction (ED), Revatio was specifically made by Pfizer for the treatment of a condition known as pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Both of them are Sildenafil drugs and there are no other differences between the two except for their dosage strengths and brand name. Viagra’s available dosages are 100mg, 50mg, and 25mg while Revatio’s dosage strengths are 20mg, 10mg and 15mg. But what if Viagra is not available, can Revatio be used in its stead? Will Revatio have the same effectiveness when used for erectile dysfunction? Can a Sildenafil drug for PAH really be used for ED?

How Sildenafil works in the body is really simple. After it has dissolved and absorbed by the system, Sildenafil begins to relax the muscles around the blood vessels to dilate them, making the blood circulation easier. This will also allow the blood vessels to carry greater amounts of blood, improving the blood flow to the different organs of the body especially the organs that need them. In the case of ED, that would be the penis. The improved blood flow to the penis will now help with its erection and will even make it harder and sustain it for periods longer than the usual erectile response. But because the dosage strength of a single pill of Revatio is not potent enough to fuel this mechanism of action, we will still find out if it can be used as a substitute for Viagra.

The design of Revatio is only for treating PAH, a condition that only requires small dosages of the drug. PAH is a rare condition where the pulmonary arteries become narrow, preventing the adequate amounts of oxygen-rich blood to reach the lungs. What Revatio does is it dilates these thick arteries, improving the blood flow to the pulmonary arteries and giving relief to the patient. In a perspective, Revatio’s doses are just sufficient to dilate the narrow pulmonary arteries and not yet enough to increase the blood flow to the penis for an erection. With this said, we have two answers to the first question. If no Viagra is available, a single pill of Revatio can’t be used because its dosage strength is not that strong to treat ED. But if the patient will up the dosages with the approval of their physician and take 2 to 3 pills of Revatio in one go, it will surely be enough to substitute a Viagra pill for ED.

For its effectiveness, yes, Revatio will have the same effect if it has the same doses as Viagra since it is also Sildenafil. Though its use if for PAH, once its doses are increased Revatio can be used for ED.

How Long Does Revatio Last?

Just like Viagra, Revatio can last for up to 4 to 5 hours. If taken at 2 to 3 pills at once, its duration of effect would still be the same and would not stack up. The only thing that will increase is its strength and would still mellow down after a few hours. If it is to be used for ED, Revatio should only be taken when needed and should only be once a day.

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Viagra 100mg

Compared to its use for pulmonary hypertension, the small doses of Revatio are taken three times a day with intervals of 4 hours in between doses. This is to keep pulmonary hypertension in check because as the effects of the drug wear out, the pulmonary arteries start to become narrow again causing high blood pressure and other related symptoms to the patient.

Revatio for High Blood Pressure

If Revatio can be used for pulmonary arterial hypertension, can it also be used for treating other conditions that cause high blood pressure? Since Revatio does the same work as the other high blood pressure treatment drugs such as Beta blockers, Calcium channel blockers, Renin inhibitors, and Alpha blockers, yes, it can be used by patients with hypertension. Sildenafil falls under the category of drugs that work as vasodilators that prevent the muscles from tightening and narrowing the arteries. But because of Revatio’s price, it is not recommended for patients unless they have PAH. Other blood pressure-decreasing drugs are much cheaper and lower the blood pressure just the same.

Revatio Price

Local pharmacies are the first places where customers will be able to buy Revatio. Like its big brother Viagra, Revatio is a premium drug and comes at a price. Thirty pills of the drug cost $1,392 USD or $46.40 per tablet at local stores, a pretty hefty price tag.

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Revatio 20mg Brand Price

It is also a prescription medicine and can only be bought by customers with valid prescriptions from their doctors. As expensive as Revatio may be, there’s still a way for customers to purchase it without having to spend great amounts of money. Since Revatio generics are now available at local pharmacies, customers can ask for them instead of the branded drug. These generics work just as good as the brand and customers don’t have to spend as much for them. With a free coupon from GoodRx, customers can buy 30 pills of the generic brand for only $14 to $21 USD at major drugstores, a staggering $1,371 cheaper than the branded drug.

How to Buy Revatio Online

Revatio’s affordable generics can be purchased online where no prescriptions are required. Customers need only check our list of Top Recommended Pharmacies where transactions are guaranteed safe and secure. These online pharmacies are already tested and provides only medicines of the best quality.


Since it’s the same Sildenafil as Viagra, Revatio can also be a viable alternative that can be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction as long as the users will increase their doses to match Viagra’s dosage strength. Its use for ED should only be when needed and a maximum of once a day. It lasts just as long as Viagra and can also be used for lowering a high blood pressure. But because of its price, customers can instead buy its generics which are a lot cheaper and works just as effective. To avoid scam stores and websites, customers should check our Top Online Pharmacies for purchasing their drugs.