7pills.com Review – A Pharmacy with a Questionable Reputation

7pills.com is an online pharmacy that aims to target customers by providing affordable products and services. It is often said that “illness is not for the poor” and luckily for us not so endowed folks, this pharmacy exists to satisfy our needs. The store has been in operation since the 1990s trading as the Canadian Pharmacy with supposed locations in Toronto and Ottawa. 7Pills’s most popular products are for erectile dysfunctions! On average, drugs like Viagra can cost as much as $4 or as little as $0.72 and Cialis can cost between $1.95 and $4.73 per pill. Whilst these are the main adverts, they also provide regular drugs prescription (antibiotics and antidepressants) and “over the counter” for treatment of lifestyle and chronic diseases.

7pills.com boasts that it is FDA approved but not all their products are; like their generic Viagra. However, if you were to scroll to the bottom of the homepage, you would see several awards and certifications by VeriSign, FDA, Visa and PhRMA. They accept four payment types: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and eCheck. There are several options to order, firstly by Airmail, this is free if your order costs $150 and takes between 10-21 days. Courier shipping (8-14 days) is offered free of charge but only to US customers who have ordered $300 and above.  A customer spending $200 upwards is able to benefit from free insurance for the reshipment of failed deliveries. If the spending requirement for free shipping is not met, it costs $15 for Airmail and $25 for delivery by Courier; the option which you can choose at checkout. A customer should expect their orders to be delivered by EMS, FedEx, UPS, United States Postal Service or Canada Post.

There is no chat window but Customers have the option of filling out a contact form which is responded to on a first in first out basis. Only the current customer is expected to enter credit card information. A visiting customer does not have to enter that information. You can also contact 7 Pills by telephone or visit their main office for a “face to face” meeting.  If you are not satisfied with your product, you are free to return as they will refund your payment.

7pills.com Reviews

The reviews on the seller’s site all seem positive like John Longman from Ontario who takes his Viagra as often as “brushing” his teeth, there are some discrepancies, the reviews are similar on other sites.pasted image 0 2

The fifth name, comment not shown, is Adam Sandler who is a famous actor. I don’t think he will publicly post on such a forum for a pharmacy that sells mostly medication for erectile dysfunction. I mean he wouldn’t want the world to know or think that he is suffering from erectile dysfunction and therefore would not associate himself publicly with such a website. I mean how many Adam Sandler’s could there possibly be in the United States? I strongly believe that this is an impersonator.

George Winterborn must be hallucinating because there is no way (according to the company’s website) that he could have gotten his order in two days unless it was teleported. It would have taken a minimum of ten days as he lives in New Zealand for his “Airmail” to arrive at his door step.

7pills.com Reviews 2017

First, imagine typing in the Website’s URL http://7pills.com in my browser and getting a “Risk Detected” pop-up notification from my antivirus which immediately blocks the website and recommends that I do an antivirus scan.

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7Pills.com also has a low trust rating. If you were to “check out” the site is not secured. Why would I want to purchase anything online if the site is not verified or secured when I enter my credit card information?


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A logical person would also question the authenticity of this organization; when “Google Searched” several pharmaceutical websites, promoting erectile dysfunction drugs with the same images, testimonials and different URLs came up. If that isn’t suspicious I really don’t know what is.

7pills.com Coupon Codes

There is no coupon code per say but I guess this is the 7 Pills’s best offer to convince persons to purchase from them. Unsuspecting and “poor” folks like me love deals. I mean some people would actually spend $150 or $300 to get free shipping. Their rates are hefty so these are incentives to take advantage of. Further, the unit cost per tablet is reduced as the quantity purchased is increased (another genius incentive to cater to persons who count every penny and target economist who know about economies of scale).

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Based on my findings I believe that 7pills.com is a very questionable organization. I will not be purchasing from 7pills.com as I do not want to become a victim, adding to the statistics of online fraud.  I have not ordered anything and will not because everything presented is suspicious. The first red flag is the warning received by my antivirus. Based on that alone I would give the website a zero rating if it were possible but 1 star will suffice. Additionally, and by no means least, the customer reviews are obviously not genuine. Also, why is this pharmacy’s most popular product offering erectile dysfunction drugs? Reputable pharmacies actually have prescription drugs as their most popular drugs. My question, therefore: Is 7pills.com a genuine online pharmacy or is it a scam to rob desperate people of their money? Who is behind the scam that is Canadian Pharmacy? Are these persons going to be reported and made accountable? Until we can know more I say boycott this company and its multiple websites but you decide because I have already made a decision for myself.