4nrx-uk.md Review – Try It Out Only at Your Own Risk

4nrx-uk.md is probably the oldest online pharmacy, among the ones I came across, in this business. Founded back in 1999, the pharmacy of 4nrx-uk has been operating from the United Kingdom, as the name suggests.

4nrx-uk.md sells medications for a number of ailments – from cancer to asthma, diabetes to weight loss and I was under the impression that they have drugs for almost everything. However, when I tried finding the price of generic Viagra or Cialis, they were nowhere to be found on the whole site. Moreover, they claim to sell high-quality FDA approved drugs. However, they have also specified that customers don’t need a prescription to order drugs.

Although inconvenient for some users, this online drugstore allows only one payment method which is via Visa credit card. Package delivery can be done via regular Airmail or EMS express shipping. If the customers opt for Airmail, they can receive their package in 7-14 business days (1-2 weeks) for just 8 GBP Dollars (around 10 USD). On the other hand, delivery via EMS express shipping can be received within 3-7 days and costs 25 GBP Dollars (around 32 USD).

4nrx-uk.md clearly specifies its refund policy – it ‘happily’ refunds or re-sends the customer package in case of package loss. Customer service of the site was poor since even after a lot of wait no one responded to me.

4nrx-uk.md Reviews

To find out customers’ opinions about 4nrx-uk, I thought of checking out the customer reviews since they have a lot of importance in deciding about the pharmacy. Surprisingly, the online pharmacy does not have any reviews by customers.

Most pharmacies have online reviews on vendor’s site itself while other have those on independent ones, however, 4nrx-uk.md has none. Due to lack of any reviews, one cannot know if the vendor provides actual/original medics or not or whether he is trustable or not – in short, vendor’s credibility cannot be decided.

For a customer’s point of view, when there is no ground to base a decision on, the best solution is to go for a trustable source. Customers, therefore, are advised to go for a more trustable source instead of risking the money on a potential scam one.

After searching some online pharmacy rating lists, I didn’t find 4nrx-uk.md in any of the top lists whatsoever.

4nrx-uk.md Reviews 2016

Since 4nrx-uk.md has no customer reviews at all, it would be useless to even try finding some recent ones. So, it would be better to go straight to scam analysis report to analyze the site rating.

image1 14

From the results obtained from scamadviser.com, 4nrx-uk.md involves a “high risk country”. They also specify the online pharmacy as a rogue one. The site is not totally unsafe to use and has a score of 46 out of 100 on the risk-o-meter – just a scale that specifies the risk associated with a specific site, 0 being associated with the highest risk. Customers, however, must take caution in using the site. Surprisingly enough, 4nrx-uk has a lot of visitors, however, what bugged me is that none of these visitors ever bothered to leave a review.

image3 15

Another scam analysis report obtained from Scammer somewhat tells the same story in different words.  It does not recommend browsing and buying from site, users should not upload their personal data to the site and the website doesn’t have any “trust records” etc.

4nrx-uk.md Coupon Codes

In today’s world, where everyone wants to get more and more in the lesser price, offering promotional and discount deals are always attractive for customers. 4nrx-uk.md does not offer a lot of the deals. However, they do offer some promotional deals for its customers.

image2 14

First of all, they offer all return users a discount of 15 GBP Dollars on all orders of over 450 GBP Dollars. Another deal, which I actually found more interesting as compared to the previous one, customers are shipped their medications without any shipping fee on all orders above 50 GBP Dollars.


4nrx-uk has an equal number of positive and negative factors – the site analysis is ok whereas customer service is bad, there are no customer reviews but have some good discount deals for customers. However, for me, one factor that dominates is the user reviews which were absent for the site. Customer reviews have been the deciding point for me in reviewing the online pharmacies and I usually give the sites with no customer review a rating of 2. However, considering the fact that the results from scam analysis are not that bad, I think 2 out of 5 would be more suitable.

About the question. whether I would buy from 4nrx-uk.md or not, I would not totally just rule out the option and would probably consider buying from here and give it a try.