3gchemist.com Review – Do Not Trust this Website!

3gchemist.com bold statement written on its header caught my attention—it states “Trust us now or Trust us never”. To me, that implies that the shop is very confident in its work and the services it provides for its customers. 3gchemist.com claims to be over 10 years old and is based in New Dehli, India. I appreciate 3g Chemist for stating its location, though, as not all web pharmacies are interested in disclosing where they operate from.

The store assures that it is compliant with the drug regulatory boards (FDA, for instance)and that it is religious in following the standards set by the institutions. As for its products, 3G Chemist’s webpage showcased a list of products it sells including ones such as anti-cancer drugs to blood pressure medication, hair care, inhalers, cholesterol care and even depression medication.

Since I am curious about online drugstore prices for the brand and generic products for erectile dysfunction treatment, I checked the erectile dysfunction meds on the store (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and their generic counterparts). I discovered that 3gchemist.com offers Viagra in several dosage strengths; its 50 mg variant costs $1.55 per unit, while its 100 mg variant costs $4.50 per unit. Cialis (generic) is offered here as well, and the shop has several choices for the consumers for the product. As for the Cialis’ price, 3G Chemist sells the 4-pill blister for $1.95, which is cheaper than most of the online store prices I’ve seen for the same generic product.

If you decide to order from the store, you should know that 3gchemist.com has a wide variety of payment options which include one from a third party service called ePayworx. EPayworx allows you to use an eWallet, an online bank account, cash payments, or a credit/debit card. Besides the ePayworx system, you can also pay using NextGenCel.

It seems like there is a flat rate of $20.00 to ship to the United States, but 3gchemist.com didn’t have options for shipping methods other than the default regular option; also, the website failed to directly state how long the shipping would take. While proceeding through the checkout, the shop did not ask me for any payment information other than shipping/billing. Instead, I was redirected to an email service which required me to send a message to [email protected], which was an address for the support team. 

3G Chemist does not have a live chat service available and the toll-free number (1-866-915-9936) listed on the website has been disconnected and is no longer working. The shop’s return policy states that once the orders have been shipped and delivered, it cannot be returned under any circumstances. I’m starting to wonder if this website is even real, as it does not appear to be a professionally-run business.

3gchemist.com Reviews

I checked online sources for existing reviews for 3gchemist.com and found one site, Pharmacies Review, with a few buyer comments available for 3G Chemist, and the testimonials were from seemingly satisfied customers. The problem, though, is that the most recent of the testimonials was only from June 10th in 2013, which was a long time ago.

image3 14

According to Fakhruddin (posted January 2013), he was able to order meds from 3gchemist.com and was also able to receive them accordingly. The products were “pure and full of quality” and also effective. The buyer thanked the shop for its “outstanding” products.

Allen gave 5 out of 5 stars to 3gchemist.com and stated that 3G Chemist is the best online shop. He’s also thankful for the “pure and safe products” and also cited that he will recommend the store to his friends.

Five out of five stars was also the score given to 3gchemist.com by Indiainternet4, another user, and also thanked the shop for its “safe and effective” products.

Although these are external reviews for 3gchemist.com, the comments had only one theme and I fear that these may also be fake comments for the online drugstore.

3gchemist.com Reviews 2017

In doing further research, it caught my attention is that this website has a very low trust rating from various domain-assessing platforms.

image4 11

Scamner.com only awarded 3G Chemist with a score of 4 out of 100, and advised the users against the browsing this store and using the shop for their medical purchases.

image2 13

This India-based shop was also rendered a low trust rating by Scam Adviser and the site also advised buyers that 3G Chemist may not be safe to use.

3gchemist.com Coupon Codes

The coupon available on the website is for those who are buying their pills in bulk. If you buy 300 pills of Viagra 50mg, you get 60 for free. They run the same promotion for Viagra 100mg. image1 13

There are no other active promotions currently available through the website, such as free shipping or free pills for every purchase.


In conclusion, I do not think that this website is up and running anymore. It is possible that it was originally based in India, and someone in the Netherlands owns the domain. Nowhere on the website does is say that it is no longer running, but the most recent review dates back to 2013, and the copyright has not been updated since 2016.

When reaching out to the sales representative, I received no response. It is not possible to reach out to a sales representative or a customer service representative. The shop does not have an option for a live chat, and the toll-free number posted is no longer in use. I do not trust this website and I will continue searching for another trustworthy online pharmacy for my ED purchases. On a scale of 1-5, I would give 3G chemist a score of 1.