24tabs.com Review – Not Valid Enough to be Tried Out

24Tabs.com seems to be an affiliate website as it has been mentioned on its official website that the name of its company is 365Pills. The company says that it is working from outside the United States but also mentions that it has its management and support staff present in the US and the UK. 24 Tabs claims that it has been working for more than six years; however, the manufacturers from which it dispenses its drugs have a longer duration of the experience. The drug store takes confidence in the quality of medications provided to the customers and also mentions that it is ready to reship the order if the customer finds any flaw with his medicines. The medicines available at 24Tabs are generic in nature i.e. they have the same ingredient but are manufactured via a different process and under a different company. The companies from where 24 Tabs sources its medicines are Indian based and include Cipla, Aurochem Laboratories, Centurion Laboratories, Ajanta Pharma, Sunrise Remedies and Biobaxy Technologies. No prescription is required to order drugs from this drug store. The company has clearly indicated that the drugs sold to the clients via their platform are not bound by the FDA regulation. Instead, these drugs are under the World Health Organization for their quality assurance.  The company deals majorly in the products related to ED and premature ejaculation. I checked the price of generic Viagra offered here and found that it is very costly, i.e. 4 US Dollars per pill.

The company accepts payments via Visa, Master Card and American Express and makes sure to protect the credit card information of the clients. 24 Tabs also ships the products to the customers’ homes with the help of two different companies. Regular Delivery takes 14 to 21 days and is provided for free, without the service of tracking. Express delivery requires 5 to 9 days, comes with an option of tracking and costs 29.95 US Dollars. For contacting the store, customers can fill the response form available on the official website or call at 1-800-49003656 from Monday to Friday between 10 am to 6 pm and on Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.

24tabs.com Reviews

24Tabs.com has not been able to receive much response from the customers on independent reviewing websites. I was only able to find one customer review and decided to check it.

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The review has been made by a client named Jhon. He has given a full fledge rating to the store and mentioned that he ordered a packet of Viagra from 24 Tabs. His package “arrived on time” and was of “generic quality”.

First of all, I cannot possibly take an idea about a drug store by only reviewing one comment from the customers’ side. Moreover, this sole comment was also not detailed and told nothing about the quality of services offered by 24 Tabs. Hence, I would say that this store must be further verified before ordering.

24tabs.com Reviews 2017

I checked the reviews for 24 Tabs in the most recent years and came to know that this drug store has not been able to receive any reviews. So, my only chance was to check its legitimacy by using software like LegitScript and Scamadviser.

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LegitScript has said that 24Tabs is a rogue drug store. There has been no verification made from the owner regarding this drug store and no one can confirm its authenticity and reliability. So, LegitScript has said that it is an unsafe platform and users must stay away from it.

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Scamadviser has mentioned that 24 Tabs is based in Netherlands but it is a possibility that it might be running from China. It is quite obvious by now that China is a high-risk country and the websites that are normally associated with this country must be avoided. Hence, Scamadviser has confirmed that 24 Tabs is not safe to use.

24tabs.com Coupon Codes

24Tabs.com has promised to provide a ten percent off on all the orders placed by returning customers.

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Moreover, it has also promised to provide a free delivery to all the orders that are placed on this website. It seems like this offer is also not bound by other conditions.


24Tabs.com has insufficient data to be proven as a legitimate website. I did not find any reviews on its official website and only one response from the customer on a third-party website, that too quite vaguely explained. According to LegitScript, this is an unverified website while Scamadviser has detected that it is from China and is not authentic enough to place an order. In short, I can say that I did not find 24 Tabs to be worthy of ordering. This drug store gets 1 out of 5 rating on my scale and I would urge the clients not to consider this store while shopping for ED drugs online.