1800usaverx.comReview – Expensive Online Pharmacy with Unverified Website

1800usaverx.com is a virtual pharmacy that offers high-quality generic and branded medications. According to their website, they are the first mail order Canadian drug pharmacy. The pharmacy is in partnership and procures their products from countries where the government has controlled or regulated the prices of medicines through funding agencies. A complete list of prescription pharmaceuticals and over the counter drugs available from the drugstore may be viewed from their website. You would be asked to enter the name of the product in the search box to check if it is available. I was a little surprised to check that the prices of the generic drugs are a bit expensive from this health store. Sildenafil Citrate, the active ingredient found in the Innovator drug Viagra, costs $3 USD per tablet. This price is definitely cheaper than the original Viagra manufactured by Pfizer which costs $12.25 USD per tablet. However, some online drugstores offer the generic Viagra for as low as $0.6 USD per tablet. A valid prescription is necessary for placing your order. The pharmacy will require each customer to fax their prescriptions before proceeding with the order. Over the counter, drugs do not require a valid prescription. A maximum of three month supply of meds may be ordered from the pharmacy.

The virtual pharmacy offers several payment options at the moment. Customers may pay using Visa, Mastercard, personal checks, international money orders, and bank drafts. Currently, all packages are delivered via International Mail. The shipping fee varies depending on the quantity of order placed by the customer. Shipping is FREE if the order reached the amount of $200 USD and above. If the value of the order is less than $200 USD, a flat rate of $9.50 for delivery charge shall be billed. The waiting time for the package to be delivered is usually 7-21 days. The pharmacy advises customers to order medicines 30 days in advance in order to have an elbow room for possible delays that could arise during shipping.

Returning of medications is strictly prohibited by 1800usaverx. However, if you received a damaged or defective product, the pharmacy commits to exchange or replace the product or will give you a full refund.

The pharmacy operates MondayFriday, 9 am to 5:30 pm (EST). You may call their toll-free hotline at 1-800-872-8379 or e-mail them at [email protected] for issues or any other concerns.

1800usaverx.com Reviews

It is an inevitable fact that people would always look for customer reviews especially if it is the first time they would be trying an online drugstore. Unfortunately, 1800usaverx.com doesn’t have reviews from its previous buyers. We cannot gauge how efficient they are when it comes to their services and the quality of the products they sell to the market.

1800usaverx.com Reviews 2017

Since there were no client reviews available for this virtual pharmacy, we have consulted Legistcript.com and scamadvsier.com for recent data and information on their website.

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The pharmacy did not meet the criteria set by LegitScript for its Internet pharmacy verification standards. The said criteria were not specifically mentioned but I suppose that the website lacks vital information to be able to gain verification from LegitScript.

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Similarly, scamadviser.com has listed this pharmacy as an unapproved pharmacy. Probably, it lacks all the necessary information needed by the website in order for them to verify the business operations. Moreover, the owner of the website is using a program to hide its real identity. The owner country is hidden but the server location is from Canada. Thus, there is a small chance of risk that the website is unsafe for browsing and buying.

With the above-mentioned data, 1800usarx.com cannot be trusted given that it has been hiding its real identity on its server. A safe and reliable website would declare all pertinent information that consumers need to know before doing any transactions with them. It is risky to do business with an unverified server because the risk of having our data compromised from their website is really high. I would go for a more trusted and safe website before buying medicines online.

1800usaverx.com Coupon Codes

There are no discount coupons available at the moment from the virtual pharmacy. As I have mentioned previously, the prices of the generic drugs they offer are a bit pricey compared with other competitors in the industry. Although they offer flexible payment and shipping methods, they must look into lowering down their prices to gain a fair share in the market.


1800usaverx.com is an online health store offering low cost branded and generic medications. A complete list of the prescription and over the counter drugs that this store offers may be viewed from their website. It was not fully mentioned if the products are licensed by the Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory bodies. They procure their medicines from reputable manufacturers across the globe. The prices of their generic brands are not as competitive as the prices of the other online pharmacies. They offer higher prices based on my research.

I am giving 1800usaverx.com 1/5 stars rating for several reasons. First, their prices are way too expensive for a generic brand. Some online pharmacies can offer these drugs at a very low cost so I think there is no reason why this pharmacy can offer the same. Second, 1800usaverx lacks customer reviews. As I’ve said, customer feedbacks are the backbone of an online business. They play a big role in gaining a good market share especially if you want to persuade new customers to try your services and products. Third, the website used by the pharmacy cannot be verified. They are hiding their real identity which gives me trust issues. I do not recommend doing business with this health store. Please keep looking for a pharmacy with a solid background and a good online reputation.